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The primary responsibility of the Department of Human Resources is to insure that the Town is appropriately organized and staffed to fulfill its mission by recruiting, developing, motivating, retaining and organizing the most qualified persons. The Human Resources Department engages in a number of specialized activities to accomplish this. These responsiblities include recruiting and hiring, training, salary and benefits administration, performance management, employee relations and employee communications. The Human Resources Director also serves as the Town's labor relations representative with its three unions and in an advisory capacity to other organizations such as the Housing Authority, the Library and the Senior Center on matters pertaining to human resources management.

W. Lee Palmer, Director
Human Resources Department, Room 202 
Town Hall , 2 Renshaw Road
203 656-7390  

Open Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm, closed Holidays


Employment Application
Internal Job Application




Title:   EQUIPMENT MECHANIC II                                                       GRADE LT-8

Job Summary: Perform all phases of mechanical and body repair and maintenance work on vehicles, equipment and facilities, using a high degree of expertise, independent judgment and creativity.   Assist the Supervisor of Facilities and Equipment in planning and implementing the repair and maintenance function of the Department. 

Supervision Received: Works under the direction of the Supervisor of Facilities and Equipment or his/her designee.

Supervision Exercised: Supervises the work of labor and trades employees permanently or temporarily assigned to assist in mobile equipment and automotive maintenance and repair.

Equipment Operated: Any owned or leased by the Town for the purpose of maintenance and testing.

Vehicles Operated: Any owned or leased by the Town for the purpose of maintenance and testing.

Examples of Essential Duties:

  • Assists the Supervisor of Facilities and Equipment in establishing and implementing an effective all-season preventive maintenance program and schedule, including, but not limited to, oil changes, lubrication, anti-freeze, tires or tracks and replacing transmission and other fluids.
  • Assists in developing recommendations with respect to equipment replacement schedule, new equipment features and purchases.
  • Assists in the enforcement of all Department rules and regulations and specifications as they apply to all maintenance and repair work.Instructs non-supervisory personnel in maintenance and repair operations as assigned.
  • Diagnoses problems with ignition, hydraulic, braking, electrical and fuel systems, drive train, and other processes or systems on diesel, gas and other powered equipment, as assigned.
  • Directs the work of and performs job duties assigned to maintenance and repair crews.
  • Maintains and monitors an effective fuel dispensing system and inventory.
  • Maintains complete and accurate records, including, but not limited to, repair histories and costs associated with maintenance and repair of each unit.
  • Maintains working knowledge of safety rules and procedures and assists in safety training of other employees.
  • Maintains a Hazardous Materials Communication Plan.
  • Makes all necessary repairs, adjustments and replacements.
  • Manages and optimizes inventory and inventory control, including, but not limited to, estimating quantities and ordering materials.
  • Performs maintenance checks and problem solving on such equipment.
  • Performs various manual tasks as required in performing maintenance and repair work as well as other tasks as directed.
  • Prepares and paints vehicles and equipment.
  • Responds to and rectifies Department emergencies.
  • Straightens and repairs damaged metal parts, using all necessary equipment, including, but not limited to, electric arc welder, MIG welder, plasma cutter and similar tools.
  • Performs all related work as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications Required: Possess a valid high school or technical school diploma or GED acceptable to the Town or on-the-job experience satisfactory to the Town.  Minimum five (5) years’ experience in maintenance or repair of automotive and construction vehicles, equipment and facilities.  Extensive knowledge of diesel, gasoline and other powered engines.  Experience and expertise in the use of Electric Arc Welder, MIG Welder, plasma cutter and similar tools, as well as tools and equipment (including computerized equipment) necessary to perform repair and maintenance work to a high degree of proficiency, economy and efficiency.  Working knowledge of OSHA regulations and requirements, including, but not limited to, Hazard Communication, Respiratory Protection as well as general workplace safety.

Ability to work and communicate effectively with others verbally and in writing so as to respond appropriately and effectively to questions or concerns from supervision, coworkers, other Town employees, officials and the public. Ability to follow directions effectively. Ability to demonstrate a positive, professional image for the Department. Ability to issue directions effectively.  Ability to identify, understand and be sensitive to the needs of the Department, the public, employees, vendors, contractors and others.


Driver’s license: Possess and maintain, in accordance with applicable State law, a valid State of Connecticut Motor Vehicle Commercial Operator License.

Physical Requirements: Ability to perform the essential elements of the job including; walking, standing, bending, squatting, climbing (including, but not limited to, climbing in and out of vehicle and equipment cabs and housings), twisting and performing other similar physical maneuvers, for long periods of time or repetitively, associated with the repair, maintenance and operation of vehicles and equipment; operating equipment and tools effectively; and reading and comprehending information, data and instructions on such things as manuals, charts, graphs, diagrams and similar drawings and blueprints.  Circumstances may require work on disabled equipment to be performed out-of-doors in inclement weather.

             Submit Your Employment Application and Resume to the Director of Public Works or the Human Resources Department no later than September 18, 2015.



Employee Information

The Town of Darien employs approximately 150 full-time paid employees, including six elected officials.  In addition to paid employees, the Town has numerous volunteer Firefighters and EMS personnel.  Many of the employee rights and benefits are contained in the Town's Employee Guide and collective bargaining agreement(s).


The Darien Town Hall Union represents most of the Town's clerical and technical employees.


» Town Hall Employees Union Contract


The Darien Public Works Union represents most of the employees in the Highway, Sewer, and Parking Divisions of the Public Works Department as well as the park maintainers in the Park and Recreation Department.    


» Public Works Union Contract

The Darien Police Association represents patrol officers, sergeants and lieutenants employed at the Police Department.




Darien Police Association Contract



The 2012 Employee Guide contains the rights and benefits for employees who do not belong to a union.     


2012 Employee Guide



This Guide is published to familiarize Department Heads with various personnel actions made in connection with an employee's initial employment, changes in employment status or absence from work.  It is not intended to be all inclusive and is subject to change.


Personnel Procedures and Transactions Guide 2015


Supervisor's Guide to Proactive Labor Relations 2015-16


Labor Relations Guide 2015-16 


Supervisor's Guide to Effective Performance Evaluations


Supervisor's Guide to Effective Performance  Evaluations


Human Resources Mission and Commitment Statements


HR Mission and Commitment Statements 
Where the Employee Guide and a collective bargaining agreement conflict, the collective bargaining agreement prevails.



Town Policies

All of the Town Policies are contained the 2012 Employee Guide. 



Click Here to see Information on Connecticut's New Sick Leave Law--It will only affect Town Employees who are Non-Union and Part-time, seasonal or temporary because all other Town employees currently receive a more generous sick leave benefit. 

Delta Dental Information for Employees

Dental Enrollment/Change Form 

Delta Claim Form 

Delta Coverage Summary Sheet

Student Confirmation Form

Delta Dental

CIRMA provider network for workers' compensation injuries  Click here 

CONNECTICARE Information for Employees


Link to Connecticare website:




Connecticare Out of Network Claim Reimbursement Form 




****Please Note: Anthem BCBS will no longer be the Town insurance carrier 7/1/12*****


Life Insurance Information for Employees




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