11/23/2022 - Eversource, Town & DOT Statement

Posted 11-23-22

We appreciate being in the position to announce that the Town has brought to closure the mediation with Eversource regarding the removal of vegetation along Little Brook Road.  After thoroughly considering many options over the last year, the Town of Darien, the Connecticut Department of Transportation and Eversource have agreed to additional tree work and plant installation in the spring.  

 The agreement reached will provide for multiple new plantings along the railroad line.  In addition to plants, it includes over 130 trees, which at maturity will exceed 8 feet but will not present risk to the regional transmission grid. 

We look forward to following the work that will be done along Little Brook Road by Eversource, and thank company representatives for their efforts in bringing this dispute to a resolution. 

Please click here for the agreement. 

A larger scale of the planting plan may be viewed by clicking here.   We also have a large version available for review in the Selectmen’s office in Town Hall, that is complete with plant and tree listings. 

My thanks again to all of the residents that have reached out through phone calls and emails with their thoughts, concerns and suggestions over the many months of negotiations.  The neighbor input we received during visits to the area was also extremely helpful in formulating the final negotiated plan.