2/12/2018 - Property Revaluation Project

Darien October 1, 2018 Property Revaluation Project Initial data Collection
Press Release Dated February 1, 2018

Assessor Anthony Homicki has announced that Tyler Technologies, Inc. Appraisal Division has been retained to assist the Town Assessor’s office in completing the state-mandated revaluation of all property located in the Town of Darien for the October 01, 2018 Tax Roll.
The data collection phase is now underway.  Tyler personnel will assist the Assessor’s office in reconciling a variety of information that is constantly maintained by the office.  This includes, but is not limited to data collection and verification, updating new construction, income and expense data of commercial parcels, sales validation, and neighborhood analysis.  

Data collection over the coming months will also include the updating of photos for parcels which are being reviewed for exterior change. Field verification for both residential and commercial properties will also be ongoing, listing the tenants in our commercial properties as well as confirming the details of each and every structure.  Over the spring season the Tyler personnel will be inspecting all sales that have occurred over the past year.  This includes parcels that have sold and or properties that have undergone renovation or might be newly built.  Along with asking questions about features such as the age of the home and the number of rooms, the data collector will ask to inspect the interior of each house when needed.  Residents are not required to allow him inside if it is not convenient; however, by seeing the inside of the property, he can record accurate information on conditions that he may not be able to see from the outside.  
Local law enforcement officers and town administrative offices have been given the names and vehicle identification information for all Tyler Technologies’ field employees.  In addition, each employee carries a photo ID.

If property owners have questions or concerns, they may call the Assessor at 203-656-7310.