7/31/2019 - Water- every drop counts!

The Darien Advisory Committee on Sustainability invites you to learn why...

Water-every drop counts!

There are many ways to save water and they all start with you! Join us to learn and in the meantime, take this brief SURVEY on water usage.

Thursday, August 15th
35 Leroy Ave- Board of Education Meeting Room
7:00 PM

Opening remarks by First Selectman Jayme Stevenson

Carolyn Bayne, Moderator
Twig Holland, Aquarion Water
Nisha Nalawade, DHS Senior
Deepika Saksena & Juliet Cain, Darien Pollinator Pathway

This event is co-sponsored by the Darien Nature Center and Darien Pollinator Pathway.
(10 native plants will be given away, courtesy of Darien Pollinator Pathway)