9/10/2019 - Board of Selectmen 2019-20 Goals and Objectives
Board of Selectmen 2019-20 Goals and Objectives 
• Provide timely and effective delivery of public safety and health services
Support law enforcement initiatives to maintain low crime rates while fostering respectful community relations
Support volunteer fire service and best-practice emergency medical and dispatch services
Support flood mitigation and sanitary sewer strategies that preserve and protect community assets
Prioritize community wellness
• Preserve and enhance the quality of life that makes Darien a desirable hometown
Acquire property for future town needs
Support growth in commercial and residential tax base while maintaining desired small community qualities
Support high quality public education and educational facilities
Support local zoning regulations that encourage commercial development and housing choice for all demographic constituencies
Protect historic and environmental resources
Prioritize sustainable practices and policy development
• Provide cost effective services through prudent leadership and management
Maintain active engagement in Regional and State Government to preserve local control
Balance high quality town services with lowest possible tax rates
Support public/private partnerships for public benefit
Invest in technology to improve customer service and reduce costs

• Maintain and enhance town infrastructure
Prioritize and support cyber security measures
Improve transit, bike and pedestrian access throughout town and between neighboring towns
Collaborate with town boards and commissions on analysis of impacts of new development on infrastructure and planning for         necessary enhancements
Support investments in storm and sanitary sewer system maintenance
Partner with CTDOT and Metro North to improve train station and parking amenities
• Engage and inform our community and all stakeholders through transparent and effective    communication
Foster and role model timely, responsive, respectful and effective communication
Utilize digital tools that allow taxpayer access to public data and information
Facilitate effective communication and collaboration between town boards and commissions
• Promote a town organization that is sustainable and maintains employee productivity, effectiveness and morale
Support employee diversity and retention strategies
Support employee benefit policies that are fiscally sustainable
Support municipal employee wellness

Adopted by the BOS  9/9/19