10/14/2020 - Phone Books
Dear Town of Darien Residents/Businesses:

This message provides you with information regarding our upcoming distribution of the Thryv FAIRFIELD COUNTY directory. As you may be aware, the directories are 100% recyclable. While new directories are being delivered, this is typically a time when residents recycle their outdated phone books; therefore, you may see an increase in phone books in the community's curbside recycling and drop-off recycling containers.
I am providing the city with advance notice of the upcoming delivery and our distribution concerns contact information in case the city or your residents have any questions or concerns regarding the distribution of Thryv directories in your area. Please provide the following details when contacting the distribution concerns email: name, address, contact information and specific details regarding the nature of the concern.

Approximate Delivery Start Date: 2/25/2021
Approximate Delivery End Date: 4/13/2021
Distribution Concerns Email:

Additionally, your residents have the choice about which directories they would like to receive or stop receiving in the future. Residents can request to opt-out of future phone book deliveries by visiting, the official site that the Yellow Pages industry provides at no cost to users, cities and states. It is a free, convenient and secure way to limit or stop home delivery of telephone directories. Data submitted will never be used for marketing purposes and never be given to third parties.

Residents have until 12/20/2020 to opt-out of the upcoming FAIRFIELD COUNTY directory.

Please consider adding this information to your community's website to inform your residents about their phone book opt-out opportunities. Refer to the following site to obtain the opt-out site widget to place on your community website:

If you encounter any abandoned Thryv directories, please do not hesitate to notify us at for pick-up and removal during the delivery timeframes referenced above.

Thank you.