12/24/2020 - First Selectman's Code Red Message 12-24-20
Town of Darien COVID-19 Update

Good evening. This is First Selectman Jayme Stevenson with a COVID-19 update for Thursday, December 24th.

There have been 87 cases reported over the past 2 weeks. Total cases stand at 627 from 448 households. We have had a total of 23 hospitalizations and 7 deaths of Darien residents reported to date. Two of the 7 deaths have occurred in the month of December. Darien Public Schools report 29 active cases in the school community resulting in 201 quarantines.

The holiday season is upon us. Traveling and gathering with non-household members increases your risk of contracting COVID-19. Please limit travel and gatherings for Christmas and New Year's Eve. f you are not feeling well, stay home and get tested as soon as you can.

The State of Connecticut has convened a Vaccine Allocation Committee that is tasked with planning for statewide vaccine distribution. Connecticut is currently in Phase 1A of the 3-phase vaccine distribution plan. Vaccines are currently being given to medical first responders, healthcare workers and elderly living in congregate settings. It is anticipated that between January and May, 2021, critical workforce members, adults over 65 and high-risk individuals under 65 will be eligible for vaccines in Phase 1B. The general Connecticut population should have access to vaccines in summer 2021. Information about the State's vaccine distribution plan is available at The Town of Darien has also convened a Vaccine Coordinating Committee that will ensure our local residents are kept updated about vaccine availability. Information will be posted on the Town of Darien Health Department web page at We encourage you to speak to your personal healthcare provider about the COVID-19 vaccine as you would for any other medical concerns.

I wish you and your loved one's the blessings of peace and good health this holiday season and in the new year.