3/25/2021 - First Selectman's Code Red Message 3-25-21

Good evening. This is First Selectman Jayme Stevenson with important COVID-19 update for Thursday, March 25th.

There have been 65 new cases and 1 hospitalization during the two-week period since March 12th. There are 1334 total cases from 853 unique households. Darien Public Schools report 25 active cases resulting in 300 quarantines. 

Local cases and students in quarantine are, unfortunately, on the rise. Remember, COVID-19 symptoms mirror seasonal allergy symptoms so it is imperative that if you or a family member have any symptoms, you should assume you may have COVID-19 and all family members should get tested.  Please stay home and have your school-aged children stay home until a negative test result is received. Anyone identified as a “close contact” must complete a minimum 10-day quarantine. COVID variants are present in our region and are more highly transmissible, particularly within households.

Vaccine eligibility currently includes anyone 45+ and the Governor announced today that the rest of the adult population in Connecticut (anyone 16+) will become eligible on April1 – earlier than anticipated.  Demand will be significant when eligibility expands on April 1 so please be patient in attempting to schedule your vaccine. The good news is that supply will also be increasing significantly over the coming weeks.  The State’s Vaccine Management System will add filters that help 16 & 17 year-olds find Pfizer-only clinics as the Pfizer vaccine is the only vaccine approved for this age group. Currently, Darien Vaccine Clinics do not offer Pfizer vaccine but we will be working to procure Pfizer vaccine as soon as possible.

The Governor is working on a plan to provide “accelerated access” in dedicated clinics for younger residents with certain underlying medical conditions. The details of the “accelerated access” plan are not yet available. Darien Vaccine Clinics are open to all eligible residents by enrolling through the State's online Vaccine Enrollment at or by calling 1-877-918-2224.

Vaccines are available at Grieb’s Pharmacy , Walgreens, Stamford Hospital, and at certain Stop & Shop Pharmacies 

You can find statewide COVID-19 data at and town wide data at Please visit for more information on travel recommendations and rules for folks who are fully vaccinated.

We are all anxious for the pandemic to be behind us but current local trends require a recommitment to adhering to all safety rules – wearing masks, distancing and washing hands - and to staying home and getting tested if you or a family member has any symptoms that could be COVID-19.  

Thank you and good evening.