9/2/2021 - First Selectman's Code Red Message 09-02-2021

Tropical Storm Ida

9/2/2021, 11:00am

The Town of Darien experienced catastrophic flooding from Tropical Storm Ida between the hours of 7:00pm last night and 2am this morning.  We received over 8” of rain in that 7-hour period. Our Emergency Operations Center was fully activated and operating without delay or interruption and we activated our sheltering plan to host evacuated residents for the overnight.  I issued a Declaration of Local Emergency at midnight last night.

Darien Police responded to 21 weather-related incidents including 2 vehicle-in-floodwater rescues.  We have a number of downed trees, utility wires and road closures of Casement Street and Tokeneke Road at the I-95 interchange where the roadway has washed out.  Several small bridges to homes have been damaged.  Thankfully no Darien residents or emergency responders were injured in the storm.

Tropical Storm Ida brought the same total rainfall as Tropical Storm Elsa did on July 9th but in half the time resulting in much higher flood levels.  The July 9th storm caused significant localized damage here in Darien but did not rise to the level for State Emergency Declaration.  We are confident the impacts of Ida will trigger a Gubernatorial Emergency Declaration given the devastation statewide.

If your home or business has experienced storm damage, please document with date and time stamped photographs and email to

The Town has requested onsite administrative support from our Regional Department of Emergency Management to assist with FEMA administration requirements.  We will advise the community if and when in-person assistance is available.

Our Emergency Management Team, town hall staff and I are here to help if you need help.

Thank you.