9/9/2021 - Code Red 09-09-21 - Storm Ida Damage Report Request

Tropical Storm Ida Federal Disaster Relief Request – We Need Your Help!

The Town of Darien requests that Town residents and business owners provide us with damage reports from Storm Ida. Once aggregated on a municipal level, this information will help Regional and State officials support the request to have a Disaster Declaration made for our area.  Federal Officials need to understand the full scope and cost of damage sustained in our town from the storm. We are working on your behalf to ensure your voices are heard by the State and Federal officials that make the decision on granting Federal Assistance.

Federal Disaster Declarations are not automatic.  There is a comprehensive process that all towns and cities must follow.  Damage must meet certain financial thresholds for a Federal Disaster Declaration to be made. Each municipality must file a damage report with the State of Connecticut. For Tropical Storm Ida damages, the filing deadline is September 16th.    While there is no guarantee that Federal assistance will be granted, Town officials are doing all we can to provide the necessary evidence to support a Federal Disaster Declaration. In order to do so, we need you to submit your home and/or business loss information through the link below.  

Once State officials determine that our region has successfully met the damage threshold, the Governor can request the President to issue a Federal Disaster Declaration. If, and once, a Federal Disaster Declaration is issued, a disaster relief application process will commence.  The disaster relief application process can take weeks or months from the time of application. If a Federal Disaster Declaration is made, the Town of Darien will provide residents and business owners with information on how and where to apply.

Please use the reporting form located on our website here to assist us in providing a thorough damage report to the State. Once you have completed the damage assessment form, please email it to along with photos and videos that show the damage to your home or business.

Thank you for your participation.

Questions/ concerns-

Contact Darien’s Emergency Management Director either via email or phone 203-656-7304.