3/14/2022 - Eversource Mediation Update 3-14-22

March 14, 2022

RE: Eversource Transmission Corridor Vegetation Project at Little Brook Road

From 10:00 AM until noon today, a mediation session was held between the Town of Darien and Eversource. Included in the mediation were representatives from the Town, Eversource and the DOT.  Representing Darien were: First Selectman, Monica McNally; Town Attorney, Wayne Fox; Director of Public Works, Ed Gentile; Jon Zurkowski, Highway Supervisor; and Michael Cotta, Darien’s Tree Warden.

The First Selectman and her team are working on behalf of area residents to appeal to the mediator to require Eversource to save as many trees and shrubs as possible

During the meeting, Eversource was open to expanding their original planting plan and demonstrated a willingness to help protect new plantings to encourage their survival. Included in this was their positive response to installing planting cloth to inhibit weed growth that can be damaging to new plants and installing “diaper bags” around newly planted trees to gather water and protect root structures.

Over the next few days, the Town representatives will be developing a proposal to send to the PURA mediator. The proposal will include requesting more frequent tree trimming by Eversource, versus full tree removal, and requesting that Eversource begin its tree work on the DOT right of way. This would allow more time for the Town to finalize planting plans and protect existing trees through the summer until the fall, when new plantings can be installed.

As information becomes available it will be posted to the homepage of the Town’s website.