8/16/2022 - MyHomeCT Program

The state of Connecticut has been awarded approximately $123 million to establish MyHomeCT, a program funded by the Homeowner Assistance Fund.  The goal of MyHomeCT is to cure

delinquencies and defaults, and prevent foreclosures among eligible homeowners that occurred as the result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The program also includes assistance for qualified non-mortgage expenses including, but not limited to, non-escrowed real estate taxes and insurance as well as condominium/homeowners’ association fees.   Homeowners may be eligible for one or more grants not to exceed the MyHomeCT program maximum award of $50,000.  This program is being administered by the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA).  Questions regarding this program should be directed to CHFA.


Eligibility Requirements:

-Applicants must have experienced a Covid-19 related financial hardship after January 21, 2020

    or experienced a financial hardship before January 21, 2020 which was worsened/extended

    by the pandemic.

-Assistance for a delinquency existing from prior to January 21, 2020 is capped to three months

   so any amounts owed before October 2019 will not be eligible.  Real estate property taxes

   that were assessed on the 2018 Grand List and subsequent Grand Lists are eligible expenses.

-Homeowner must live in the state of Connecticut and occupy the property as their primary


-Property must be an owner-occupied 1-to-4 unit house, condominium or manufactured home.

-Homeowners applying for mortgage assistance must have a mortgage that had a principal

   balance at or below the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s conforming loan limits for Fannie

   Mae and Freddie Mac at the time of origination.

-Household income must be equal to or less than 150% area median income (AMI), adjusted for

   household size.  The income limits for Darien are as follows:


 Household of 1          $176,750

 Household of 2            202,000

 Household of 3            227,250

 Household of 4            252,450

 Household of 5            272,650

Household of 6             292,850

Household of 7             313,050

Household of 8             333,250


Eligible Expenses:  

-Mortgage delinquencies

-Non-escrowed real estate taxes (Grand List 2018 forward)

-Non-escrowed homeowners’ insurance and flood insurance

-Water and sewer liens

-Ground lease or lot payments

-Condominium and/or homeowners’ association fees

-Condominium and/or homeowners’ association special assessments

-Fees that were advanced by the loan servicer/mortgage company on behalf of an applicant with

    a reverse mortgage


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