Town Pension Board


  • Kelly Galvin, Chairman (R)
  • Eric Baurmeister (R)
  • Fred Doneit, Town Employee Rep
  • Paul Hendrickson, Board of Finance (R)
  • Anthony Yezzi (U)

Ex-Officio Members

  • Kathleen Buch, Town Administrator
  • Susan Barksdale, Director of Human Resources
  • Jennifer Charneski, Director of Finance
  • Eileen McGrath, Assistant Director of Finance


Town Code: Sec. 50-52. - Administration of plan.

The general administration of the plan and the responsibility for carrying out the provision of the plan shall be placed in the town pension board. This board shall be made up of not fewer than three nor more than five electors appointed by the board of selectmen of the town. An elector may be, but need not be, an elected official of the town or a member of any other board or committee of the town.

(Code 1972, § 38-102; Ord. of 5-12-1996)