Cherry Lawn Community Gardens

Cherry Lawn Community Gardens, established in early 1970’s by the Garden Club of Darien, from property purchased by the Town, brings together gardeners of all ages.  This unique spot in one of Darien’s most popular parks, offers gardeners of all levels to cultivate and harvest organic herbs, flowers and vegetables from spring through autumn.

Membership Information

  • Membership is limited to Darien residents.
  • Currently there are no garden plots available.
  • To get on the waiting list or for further information please contact Dorothy Shergalis at 203-252-4507.
  • The applications are mailed to the current Members.
  • Current members need to complete the Cherry Lawn Community Gardens Application and the Town of Darien Contract, and send them with appropriate fees before the designated deadline.

Coordinating Committee

  • President – Dorothy Shergalis  203-252-4507
  • Vice President – Jim Brewer  203-655-4436
  • Secretary – Tricia Conley  203-655-8439
  • Treasurer – Elaine Scott

Rules and Regulations

  • All gardens must be started by the middle of May.
    1. Failure to start by the middle of May will result in forfeiture of dues and reassignment of garden plot without further notice.
  • Participation in one clean up day by gardeners is required.
    1. Lay down newspaper and wood chips on north/east sides of your plot
    2. Staking and setting up garden hoses.
    3. Repairing perimeter fencing.
  • Each gardener is responsible for keeping the North and East paths around their plot free of weeds, rocks and crops.
    1. Please clear 4’ wide path so that the gardening carts can get through.
    2. No plastic or grass clippings may be used in paths since they become slippery when wet.
    3. Newspaper or biodegradable landscape cloth covered with chips work best.
  • Plots will be inspected during the season for having clear paths and weeds.
    1. Plot’s paths must be cleared of weeds or rocks throughout season.
    2. Garden plots should have less than 25% weeds.
  • Turn off water at spigots and rewind hoses as a courtesy to other gardeners.
    1. Do not leave watering unattended.
    2. Do not mix hoses or leave them tangled for other gardeners.
  • Dispose of all organic materials, weeds and unwanted rocks in dumping area located outside back gate.
    1. Do not throw over fence.
    2. All non-organic items (such as seed packages, pots, etc.) must be taken away and disposed of .
  1. Clean and return community tools and wheelbarrows to center of garden near spigot.
    1. Place wheelbarrows upright to keep water out when it rains.
  • Only fertilizers and dusts are allowed.
    1. Do not use Preen, Round-up or any other herbicide or pesticide that remains in the soil.
    2. Fertilizers and dust may be used only in such a way as to not affect adjacent gardens and grassed areas.
  • Do not let vines grow on Community Garden’s outside fencing.
    1. Be sensitive to your plants casting shade onto your neighbor’s gardens.
  • Close the garden gates.
    1. Please close the gates when you enter or exit the garden.
  • All gardens must be cleaned at the end of the season by the end of October.
    1. Failure to clean your garden at the end of the season, by the end of October, will result in reassignment of your garden plot next year.
  • Gardening hours are from sunrise to sunset.
  • No potatoes are to be planted due to serious infestation.
  • No Pets Allowed in the garden.

Contact Us

Information or Questions

Dorothy Shergalis, President

Phone:  203-252-4507

Parks & Recreation

Phone:  203-656-7325