Utility Provider Contacts

  • Eversource: Power Outages: 800-286-2000 Eversource: Prepare for Storms and Report Outages
  • Altice (Optimum): Residential Customer Service: 203-870-2583 Optimum:Prepare for Severe Weather
    • To sign up for service alerts via text or voice message go to My Account. Once confirmed, customers will be notified when outages affect their service and will receive timely updates until their service is restored. Customers may also utilize the options below to contact Optimum: Message Optimum at optimum.net/chat . Send Tweet to @Optimumhelp. Call 866-950-3278.
  • Frontier (Formerly AT&T Uverse): for damaged poles, downed wires/cable: 844-834-4361
  • Aquarion: Daytime- 800-732-9678 / Emergency Answering service: 888-234-3128