Railroad Station Parking

There are two train stations in the Town of Darien-the Noroton Heights Train Station and the Darien Train Station.

To get on the waiting list for an annual parking permit at either the Noroton Heights Train Station or the Darien Train Station (Leroy West Lot), call 656-7330 between 8 am and 4 pm. M-TH (Town Hall is closed on Fridays and holidays) or join the waitlist online. There are separate waiting lists for each lot. You may be on both waiting lists. There is an annual fee of $10 to remain on the waiting list. The lot at the Noroton Heights Train Station is operated by the Town of Darien, but it is owned by the State of Connecticut and therefore non-residents can hold a Noroton Heights Lot permit. The Leroy West Lot at the Darien Train Station is owned by the Town of Darien and only Darien residents may hold permits for the Leroy West Lot.

Please note: non-residents can join the wait list for the Leroy West Lot at the Darien Train Station, but you must be a resident of Darien at the time you are offered the opportunity to purchase a Leroy West Lot permit and while you hold a Leroy West Lot permit. Leroy West Lot permit holders who move out of Darien must relinquish that permit.

Already on the wait list and want to know where you stand? Check waitlist status.

Daily parking is also available at both the Noroton Heights Train Station and the Darien Train Station. These lots are operated by the Town of Darien, but they are owned by the State of Connecticut, therefore non-residents may utilize these lots for the same daily fee as a resident of Darien. See below for more information on the daily lots.

  • Parking Regulations (PDF)
  • Annual Commuter Permit Parking
  • Fee: $400 for the calendar year.  Effective 1/1/24, the fee will be $450 plus sales tax, for a total of $478.58

If you have delinquent parking tickets or delinquent motor vehicle tickets, you will not be able to renew your permit until you have resolved any delinquencies.

Do you need to make changes to your permit information - Add or Delete a Plate, Change an Address (PDF)?

Daily Commuter Parking Information - Pay by the mpay2park App or Pay at the Station

Daily parking is available in designated parking spaces at the commuter parking lots in the Darien and Noroton Heights train stations. Payment is required from 7 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Parking is free on weekends and on holidays. Daily parking is $4 per day. Payment must be made at the time you park.  Multiple consecutive days may be purchased at once. Payments for daily parking made during the day expire at 11:59 pm that same day. If you pay by App, please be sure to choose the correct zone for the lot where you parked. Please Note: If you pay for multiple days in advance, there are no refunds for unused days.  The fee for daily parking will increase to $5 per day on 1/1/24.

Monthly Passes

You may now purchase a monthly pass for the pay station lots. The fee for this pass is $65 for a calendar month. Monthly passes are only available through the mPay2park app. You can get the free app from iTunes or Google Play. You will need to complete a brief enrollment form and pay the fee for your first monthly pass directly to the Town of Darien. Renewals will be processed through the app. The monthly pass is for use in the pay station lots. It can only be used to park in the permit lots after 9:30 am. (As of January 1, 2024 daily paid parkers may access the permit lots after 9:00 am.) Please note that although you pay for the month you will still have to confirm you are parked for the day by starting a parking session. The Enrollment Form (PDF) and instructions for using the pass are online.  The fee for monthly passes will increase to $80 per calendar month, effective January 1, 2024. 

 Location of daily parking spaces:

For parking information call 656-7330 Monday through Thursday 8 am to 4 pm, closed Fridays.

Daily commuters have two options to pay for parking - pay by app or pay at the pay station. Daily parkers may park in the permit lots between 9:30 am and midnight.

For information on how to pay by app or pay at the pay station, view the Daily Commuter Parking Information (PDF).