Employee Information

The Town of Darien employs approximately 150 full-time paid employees, including six elected officials. In addition to paid employees, the Town has numerous volunteer Firefighters and EMS personnel. Many of the employee rights and benefits are contained in the Town's Employees' Guide and collective bargaining agreement(s).

Employees Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to compile into one document the practices, policies, and procedures of the Town of Darien at the time of publication with respect to matters related to employment. The material in this Guide is intended to apply to every Town employee, however, if there is a conflict between this Guide and a contract negotiated between the Town and a union, the terms of the union contract will prevail. Every Town employee should read this Guide carefully and completely and become familiar with its provisions. Questions pertaining to anything contained in the Guide should be directed to an immediate supervisor or the Human Resources Department.

View Town of Darien Employees Guide (May 2022) (PDF)

Labor Relations