Subdivision Regulations

Effective June 7, 2009 (through Amendment Number 1)

The Planning and Zoning Department has implemented multiple format revisions to the Subdivision Regulations in an effort to create a better experience for users.  Some benefits are:

  • Clickable Table of Contents - you can click anywhere in the Table of Contents and be brought directly to that Section
  • Word/Phrase Search Functionality - you can search the entire document for any word, phrase, section number, etc.

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Note: Amendment Number 1 was adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission on May 12, 2009, and took effect June 7, 2009.  

Note: Copies of the Darien Subdivision Regulations are available from the Planning and Zoning Department at a cost of $10.

They are also available for review in the Planning and Zoning Office and at the Darien Library.