Board of Ethics


Most Board of Ethics meetings are not held in public (but in executive session), but the DarienTV79 Videos may help you better understand the Board’s work and process.


Members of the Board of Ethics are elected by the Representative Town Meeting and serve a two-year term.


The Board of Ethics receives complaints about any elected or appointed Town official or Town employee who may have violated the Town's Code of Ethics, independently investigates such allegations and issues its findings.]

Code of Ethics

View the Code of Ethics.

Board of Ethics Process

View the Board of Ethics Process.

The investigation of complaints is conducted through a two-step process:  First, the Board of Ethics meets in executive session (not open to the public), to review the complaints and determine if the actions in question represent a violation. 

Then, if the complaints are found to have merit, the Board may move to an open (public) session for a hearing before issuing its findings. Witnesses may be called, including the complainant and those alleged to have violated the code. Subpoenas may be issued under advice of legal counsel.

The Board may also offer “advisory opinions” to any office holder, town employee or town resident seeking to understand the implications of a particular activity with respect to the Town code.

Board of Ethics Complaint Form (PDF) may be obtained from the Town Clerk's office.