Harbor Master

Darien has migrated to an online mooring registration and renewal system.

It is a full-featured system that will make managing the entire process, and produce reports for Town Hall, and Darien emergency responders. It will also manage and display online waiting lists for our harbors.

Please go to Darien Online Moorings.

Annual renewal applications for mooring spaces in all Darien waters are due by May 1st.

Things to know about moorings in Darien's waters:

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Moorings in Darien's Waters (PDF)
  • Recommended Minimum Standards for Single Point Moorings in Darien's Waters (PDF)
  • Approval is required by the application for the placing of moorings in the assigned locations
  • There are no annual fees for mooring in the Town's waters.
  • There is a $15 per year charge for using the online mooring system, described above.
  • Each mooring user owns their own tackle and is responsible for the maintenance of the tackle in accordance with the Town codes.
  • The assigned mooring space is to be used only for the vessel/boat listed on the application during the season for which it was applied.
  • Boaters who no longer need their mooring space are asked to notify the harbor master.
  • Existing mooring locations that were not used during the current season or for which a renewal application is not received by May 1st will be considered abandoned and will be reassigned.
  • New applications for mooring space may be received at any time.
  • The harbor master maintains a waiting list in accordance with the date of the original application for all locations. A waiting list is posted on the bulletin board at the Town Hall and is available on the online system mentioned above.

Please note the following local, state, and federal regulations:

  1. All vessels/boats must be state registered;
  2. All vessels/boats must be clearly marked with the registration number and the boat's name (if any);
  3. The mooring buoys must be marked with the vessel/boat's name or registration number with markings at least two inches (2 inch) high and Darien Mooring Permit Decal.
  4. All boat operators are required to take and pass CT's safe boating