The Annual Meeting of the Representative Town Meeting will be held on Monday, November 13, 2023 at 8:00 P. M. in Town Hall Auditorium. 


1.    Town Clerk - Call to order, roll call, swearing-in of newly-elected members 

2.    Chair Nominating Committee - Election of a Moderator 

3.    Acceptance of the Agenda 

4.    Approval of the Minutes of the September 18, 2023 Regular Meeting.

5.    Announcement – 

    Reports will be from Committees assigned in 2022

    The Chair, Vice Chair or Senior Member of the RTM from each District will conduct recording of the votes in each District

    Tomorrow you will be receiving material electronically to select your committee preferences to be completed by Thursday November 16. 

6.    Moderator Orientation – Materials distribution of roles of RTM members, Standing Committees, Freedom of Information requirements, Robert’s Rules

7.    Update on Great Island

8.    (23-26) Public Works Union Contract 

9.    (23-27) Approve Revised Appendix B - Town of Darien RTM Rules of Procedure Part VI

10.    (23-28) Approve Revised Appendix B - Town of Darien RTM Rules of Procedure Part IV Sec. 3

11.    Election of three members to the Board of Ethics due to expiring terms

12.    District Breakout Elections: Chair, Vice Chair, 2 Rules Committee Members.

The Meeting is public and subject to the Rules of Procedure of the Representative Town Meeting and Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised.  Any elector of the Town may speak at the Meeting, but only RTM Members are authorized to vote.

Seth W. Morton, Moderator                     Mark R. Adiletta, Clerk

Darien, Connecticut                        October 31, 2023