Are any permits necessary to construct a fence on my property?

With the exception of areas within wetlands or within 50 feet of wetlands or within 100 feet of a named River or Brook, no permits are necessary. However, there are some requirements which need to be met.

First, the fence can only be a maximum of 4 (four) feet high in front yards and 6 (six) feet high in side and rear yards (see Section 362 of the Zoning Regulations). It does not matter which way the "good side" faces, but it is recommended that it be faced "good side out". There are no setbacks for fences, however, we recommend that you put the fence about six inches or a foot inside your property line. If you are on a corner lot, Section 363 of the Zoning Regulations would apply. If you are within 50 feet of wetlands, an Environmental Protection Commission application will be necessary.

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