What are the setbacks for my property?

Section 406 of the Zoning Regulations deals with setbacks. Once you determine what zone your property is in, the chart below will note the applicable setbacks.

406. Area & Bulk Requirements

The requirements listed for each zone as designated shall be deemed to be the minimum or maximum requirements in every instance of their application. Dimensions are in feet unless otherwise indicated.

1.Minimum Lot Area (Square Feet) (See notes e, g)87,12043,56021,78014,5208,712
2.Minimum Width (See notes a, b, e)2001501008060
3.Minimum Frontage (See notes a, e, h, i)7550505050
4.Minimum Depth (See notes a, e)200150100100100
5.Minimum Front Yard (See notes a, b, c, d)5040403025
6.Minimum Side Yard: Least One352515108
7.Minimum Side Yard: Total of Two (See notes b, e)7050302520
8.Minimum Rear Yard (See note b)5040252525
9.Accessory Structures (See note f)N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
9AMinimum Distance from Front Lot Line5040403025
9BMinimum Distance from Side Lot Line35251055
9CMinimum Distance from Rear Lot Line50401055
10.Maximum Height in Stories e2-1/2 (All Residential Zones)N/AN/AN/AN/A
11.Maximum Height in Feet30 (All Residential Zones)N/AN/AN/AN/A
12.Maximum Building Coverage20% (All Residential Zones)N/AN/AN/AN/A


  1. See Subsections 334 and 339 for application of "minimum width".
  2. See Subsection 333.
  3. In instances where street lines are less than 50 feet apart, the front yard setback shall be measured from the center line of the street right-of-way, and 25 feet shall be added to the required front yard setback.
  4. See Subsection 372 for additional requirements where setback of existing building is greater than minimum requirement.
  5. See Subsection 385 where lots are of non-conforming dimensions.
  6. Detached accessory structures within five feet of a principal structure or over 15 feet or one story in height shall observe the same setbacks as for main buildings.
  7. See Subsection 335.
  8. See Subsection 332.
  9. See Subsection 339.

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