How can I determine if my assessment is fair?

In order to judge the fairness of your assessment, two questions should be asked. First, does the assessment represent 70% of the probable selling price as of the Revaluation assessment date of October 1, 2018? Secondly, is my assessment similar to comparable properties in Town as of October 1, 2018? The Assessor's Office maintains information that will help you answer these questions. A list of properties that have sold and lists of assessments of all properties in Town can be reviewed in the Assessor's Office. You may retrieve a variety of information by accessing the Property Record Card Online on the Assessor's section of the town website.

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1. What is an assessment?
2. What is the fair market value and who determines it?
3. What guidelines must the Assessor follow?
4. How is the tax rate established?
5. How can I determine if my assessment is fair?
6. Whom do I contact if I have questions about my assessment?