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Selleck's Woods Nature Preserve

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Selleck's Woods is a 28 acre nature preserve located between I-95 and the Metro-North railroad. The park has 3 entrances for residents to gain easy access to the extensive trail system. They can be found on Fairmead Avenue, Parkland's Drive (parking) and Little Brook Road. The "Friends of Selleck's Woods" is an organization who's members volunteer to inspect the trails and report any problems to the Park and Recreation Department. They have been beneficial in preserving the natural wonder of the park. Please visit the Friends of Selleck's Woods website.

Many Darien residents can be found hiking, walking their dog, enjoying the fantastic scenery, or enjoying the wildlife throughout the park. Selleck's Woods has densely wooded areas, two ponds, marshes, swamps, streams, and several prairie pockets throughout the park. Selleck's Woods is a remarkable location to spend time performing passive recreational activities. Plan an afternoon enjoying some of the natural splendor in Darien.