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Woodland Park Nature Preserve

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Woodland Park Nature Preserve contains 64.7 acres of natural wonders. The two entrances to the park; Middlesex Road and West Avenue, provide easy access into the park. Located within the park are two trail systems, two ponds, a stream, a footbridge, an archaic stonewall, and ornamental plantings. The "Friends of Woodland Park" have spent a great deal of time educating the public concerning wildlife issues, as well as promoting, preserving and protecting the natural environment. The "Friends" have been the driving force behind the preservation of the area through their ambassadorship of the park. Please visit the Woodland Park Nature Preserve site.

Before you enter the trail system, you will notice an exhibit in the display case. The exhibit, changed periodically, will educate hikers to some of the natural phenomenon they are about to encounter. As you begin your hike, you will come across a footbridge over a stream built by a Boy Scout several years ago. It is one of many projects accomplished by the Boy Scouts to improve the park.

Various stations are located along the trail systems to describe the natural habitat. Turtle Pond and Old Maid's Pond are two of the main attractions at the park. Ducks, turtles, frogs and other small animals find the ponds a great place to live! So, please do not disturb the park or the animals that call this park their home. Spend an afternoon learning and enjoying a natural preserve that's right in your own backyard.

The Darien Park and Recreation Department has pamphlets with maps and in-depth information about the trails and natural habitat. Feel free to stop by to pick one up.