6/1/2023 - Dog Licensing Information



All dogs six months or over must be licensed and wear collar and tag at all times.

A dog without a tag is presumed to be unlicensed and is not protected by law.

In case a tag becomes lost, promptly procure a new tag from your Town Clerk.

A tag must not be used on any dog other than the dog described in the license bearing corresponding number.

Owners of spayed females or neutered males must present veterinarian’s certificate of neutering or spaying to Town Clerk when applying for a license.

Dog owners must submit a certificate, signed by a veterinarian, or copy thereof, stating that such dog has been vaccinated against rabies, the date of the vaccination and the duration of the immunity provided by the vaccine.  No license shall be issued unless the certificate indicates that the immunity provided by the vaccine is effective at the time of licensing.

Report all suspected cases of rabies to your Health Officer.

You are liable for damage done by your dog to persons, property, livestock and poultry.

Owners of dogs are liable to prosecution for allowing dogs to roam, to annoy persons on highways, or excessive barking.

Dog licenses expire June 30th, and a new license must be procured on or before June 30th, or a penalty will be collected in addition to license fee, in accordance with section 22-338, of the General Statutes. 


Neutered Male or Spayed Female                    $8.00
Male or Female                                               $19.00

Licenses available beginning June 1, 2023

Dated at Darien, Connecticut this 5th day of June 2023

Board of Selectmen:
Monica M. McNally
Jon Zagrodzky
Michael Burke
Marcy Minnick
Sarah Neumann