8/7/2023 - Public Information Meeting - 9/11/2023 at 7:00pm - Drainage Project - Grove Street & Tilley Pond Area

The Town of Darien has completed a drainage study and will hold a public informational meeting at the Town of Darien Town Hall at 2 Renshaw Rd, Darien CT 06820 in Town Hall Auditorium, on Monday, September 11, 2023 at 7:00 PM. The Auditorium is easily accessible from the front circle parking area of the Darien Town Hall.

The drainage study area includes all or some portion of the following roads: Lakeside Dr; West Ave (near Tilley Pond); Leroy Ave; Squab La; Grove St; Day St; Brook St; Gideon La; Post Rd (between Corbin Dr & Center St); Corbin Dr; Center St; and, Old Kings Highway South. The public meeting will address this specific drainage study only and will be focused on flooding between Tilly Pond and the Goodwives River at Old Kings Highway South. There are other drainage studies that have been recently completed in Darien, which will not be a part of this public meeting. The results of the Grove St and Tilley Pond drainage study will be explained in detail. A portion of the meeting will be devoted to questions and answers related to this drainage study only. The drainage study can be found on the Town of Darien website at:, or by visiting the Darien Website (, clicking on “Departments & Services, Public Works, Stormwater Information & Guidelines, Grove Street & Tilley Pond Area Drainage Evaluation Report”.