8/9/2018 - Town Hall Main Entrance Renovations until 9/24/18
News Release
Town of Darien Town Hall Construction

The Town of Darien continues rebuilding the front entrance to the Town of Darien Town Hall.  Construction of both interior and exterior handicap accessible ramps is near completion.  The front entrance remains out of service at this time.  Alternate access to and from the Town Hall continues to be through the side door (near the gymnasium).  All offices remain accessible.  Construction signs directing employees and our customers remain in place.  Doors to the rear of the Town Hall will remain in use for ingress and egress.  The front entrance will remain out of service until Monday September 24, 2018.  Unfortunately rain has delayed completion of construction for an additional week.  We regret the inconvenience and appreciate your continued cooperation.  Access from rear of building under breezeway to front of Town Hall remains inaccessible.  The photo below shows exterior area that remains inaccessible and alternate entrance and exit.