12/18/2020 - First Selectman's Code Red Message 12-18-20
Town of Darien COVID-19 Update
December 18, 2020

Good evening. This is Darien’s First Selectman, Jayme Stevenson with a weekly COVID-19 update.

There have been 58 new cases reported in Darien over the past 2 weeks and a total of 565 cases since March. The State of Connecticut lists Darien’s 2-week rolling average as 23/100,000 residents. There are currently 12 active cases in our school community resulting in 169 quarantines. Darien Public Schools are now in remote learning status until their planned return on January 4th.

Three Darien residents have been hospitalized since November (total of 22 since March) and very sadly I must report one resident has died from COVID-19 complications in December (total of 6 since March).

COVID-19 continues to pose significant risks to the medically vulnerable and elderly although folks ages 16-59 have been the most likely to contract the virus since July. This data supports the in-household transmissions that we are seeing more regularly since before Thanksgiving.

When supplies become available, the Darien Health Department is eligible to provide vaccines to the public. The Town has formed a Vaccine Coordinating Committee that will provide information to the public and help facilitate future vaccine distributions. Currently, vaccine distribution is occurring only through certain Connecticut hospitals. As more vaccine supply become available, doctors, urgent care facilities, pharmacies and community health centers will also be vaccine providers.

The State has crafted a 3-phase vaccine distribution plan. Phase 1A priorities includes front line healthcare workers, medical first responders and residents of long term care facilities. The Governor’s goal is to have all Connecticut residents vaccinated by late spring/early summer 2021. We strongly recommend you speak with your physician about receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

Connecticut Department of Public Health has formally adopted the new CDC quarantine guidelines which lessens the time of required quarantine under certain circumstances. More details on the new quarantine rules can be found on the Town of Darien’s website ( under “News”.

Be safe and protect others as you enjoy the holiday season! Wear a mask, wash your hands keep a safe distance to help stop the spread.

Thank you and Good Evening.