3/25/2021 - Eversource Emergency Response Plan for 3-26-21

Eversource will be declaring a Level 5 Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Friday, March 26th at 8:00AM, with Liaison Coverage beginning at 10:00AM.


We are preparing for:

  • Less than 125,000 Customer Outages
  • 1-3 day restoration duration

When and where it is safe for our crews to work, we will be addressing the priorities embedded in our ERP:

  • The first 24 to 36 hours our focus will be on FPS1 Life Safety police and fire calls, E-911 calls, life-threatening situations and damage assessment.

  • Our top priorities are critical facilities, particularly hospitals and healthcare facilities; blocked roads that comport with the Make Safe/Clearing of Blocked Roads Protocol; and circuit backbones and lateral feeders enabling us to restore the largest number of customers first.

  • We do not expect to assign crews to individual municipalities to partner with the local DPW to resolve lower priorities until the system is stabilized.

 As a reminder, our liaison organization will be functioning remotely during this pandemic and will be available on their mobile phones and by email. We have proactively communicated with all our community liaisons and armed each with the tools they need to successfully stay in touch with you. If necessary, we’re prepared to move our liaisons into regional work centers to ensure they have power and can connect with their assigned community.

To assist in restoration efforts, we have attached: 1) the ESF-12 Utility Blocked Roads form; 2) the Make Safe Quick Reference Guide and 3) a graphic that defines and illustrates blocked roads. A complete form is important because it helps your liaison work with Eversource Operations to address your priority blocked roads. Also note the form is a spreadsheet with two tabs. Please view both tabs. If you have questions regarding the form, how to complete it, or on the process, your liaison will assist you.

We remain committed to providing you with the latest information to ensure you have constant communication with our team throughout the duration of the event. Your dedicated liaison will be reaching out to you at the start of their shift tomorrow morning.

Thank you for all you do for our communities.   


Your Eversource CT Community Liaison Organization