12/14/2021 - Little Brook Rd. Tree Mediation Updates

Town of Darien Notice

Update from 12-14-21:

As of Monday, December 13th, Eversource began the tree removals as requested by the Town and should be completed soon.  As indicated in our previous update, the removal of the 21 trees already approved for removal by the Tree Warden will allow us a much better perspective on the remaining trees.  It is important to show the mediator that we are willing to move forward in good faith, but we shall continue to represent that the Town and its residents are in firm agreement that clear cutting will not be supported. The Landscaping plan is still a work in progress and will be discussed further at upcoming mediation sessions.

 We do expect another mediation session in the near future and an update regarding the outcome of that meeting will follow.


Update from 12-7-21:

On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, we participated in the first mediation session with Eversource regarding its proposed activities along Little Brook Road.  At that conference, we raised a number of issues, including but not limited to, the Town’s continuing opposition to clear-cutting as had been done by Eversource in other communities.  In addition, we raised issues of noise pollution, safety of children, as well as the overall environmental impact.  We stressed the location of new plantings and where improvements in the proposed plan could be implemented. 

One aspect of our presentation that was important to the Town and its residents related to the issue of the 21 trees that had already been approved by the tree warden for removal.  It has been, and is our position, that it would serve our interest for those trees, most of which have either decayed or died, be taken down first.  This would give us the opportunity to have a better perspective and have a clearer argument as to what if anything else should be cut back or removed.  We are happy to say that with the help and encouragement of the mediator, that Eversource has indicated a willingness to do that. 

We expect another mediation session to be held within the next few weeks. 

We will keep you advised.