Become of Member of the Representative Town Meeting (RTM)

  • An elector of the Town of Darien may petition on to the RTM to be elected at the annual election held in November, or be voted in by a caucus of the respective District members if an opening otherwise exists.

  •  The petitioner must collect at least 25 signatures of voters  - with street addresses and signed in ink – of electors within the voting District, to be placed on the ballot in November. The petition is available below, or at the Town Clerk’s office.

  • The petition must be returned to the Town Clerk’s office between 12 weeks and 8 weeks prior to the election.

  • The candidate must also complete SEEC Form 1. 

RTM Candidate Petition 
SEEC Form 1 (fillable) 
SEEC Form 1 Instructions 

Voting Districts - Street Listing  

District 1  
District 1-01 
District 1-02 
District 2 
District 3 
District 4 
District 5 
District 6